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Week 6

This week is week 6...

Next week i'm creating my cake and cookies!

Speaking of next week i'm going to take a look at the school calender to see when we have a haft day or no school cause that will probably be my best bet!

I'm going to send Mme. Gaudet an email asking if i can possibly hire/invite a friend to help me with tho project cause its kinda bigger than i expected!

I will be posting a 6.5 week blog by the end of todays class!

And here is the best part of my blogs...
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Week 5.5

After talking with Mme. Gaudet i was at a standstill as i looked up sloth i remembered that Ryan had suggested that make a sloth family so...

dun, dun, dun

I'm going to make sloth cookies along with the original sloth cake so that i can keep the cake intact and not eaten but for the cookies they will for sure disappear quickly!

Maybe i will do some research on what i need for this leg of my journey with sloths!

Que the sloth picture....

Week 5

I hit a stand still today/this past week i ran out of things to do for my passion project so...

I'm thinking about maybe making a sloth family! I'm not sure what the sloth family will look like but today i'm going to take my time and see what i find!

i know right more work!

Well guess what i'm up for the challenge!!!!
I'm going to push myself and try other cooking ideas!   Inspired by sloths maybe a spin off what they eat or there habitat!  

Que the sloth pictures!!!!!!!!

Week 4


I have decided to do the design of the sloth! So today i"m going to make my check list to see what i have to buy/find!

May the sloth photos begin!!!!

And thank you for fallowing my passion project!

Week 3

This week i'm going to look for a recipe and pick one and also figure out my design!

After searching for awhile i have found this gluten free vanilla cake recipe! I'm still looking for a cool design...

I'm going to probably do a google survey and maybe find out what one would be the winner! and look at the tips and or skill technique and a few other possibilities!